The Church in Focus for the week of March 8th

March 8th  Lent 2    Parish Mass at 9:30am followed by Coffee.


Sunday School in the Hall from 9:30am


Please note that during the time of the Coronavirus, Holy Communion will be given in one kind only. Medical advice strongly condemns the practice of “intinction” and many people are not happy to drink from a common cup. Also, it is sensible at the passing of the Peace, to refrain from handshakes and other forms of physical contact.


LENT COURSE – CHRIST AND THE CHOCOLATERIE. We meet every Tuesday at The Rectory from 7:00pm.

Every Friday evening in Lent at 6:00pm there will be The Way of the Cross. We shall walk the stations of the Cross around our Church with hymns and readings and devotions.


Safeguarding TrainingThis week Wednesday March 11th at 6:30pm in our Hall for all who have signed up.


ELECTORAL ROLL – If you worship with us on a regular basis you are eligible to have your name on the Church Electoral roll. Application forms are available from the Wardens. This roll is being revised in preparation for our AGM on April 26th.  Please check out our web site for full details.  see article on PCC.

Will you join us for some quiet, silence and prayer at the Meditation Group meet at The Rectory – March 18th at 7:00pm.


Sunday 22nd March is Mothering Sunday. Please join us as we thank God for mothers. Special cards and flowers will be given to all at Mass on this day.


Deanery Synod – March 26thThe Thanet Deanery Synod meets on this day at Holy Trinity, Margate at 7:30pm.

If you would like to make a donation for fresh Easter flowers in memory of a loved one or as a thank offering please see Sherri Baker or Fr Paul. Names of our loved ones will be written on a special commemorative list displayed in Church over Easter.


The Hygiene Basket – Please don’t forget to bring you small gifts of toiletries for our Hygiene basket. Shampoo, deodorant and other hygiene articles are much needed to help those who are struggling in our local community.


CHRISM MASS IN CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL     Will you join us in the Cathedral at Canterbury with Bishop Norman for the Blessing of Oils on Tuesday April 7th at Noon. This is an amazing liturgy as the holy oils are blessed and all the priests renew their ordination vows.