A Message from Fr Paul our parish priest.

Dear friend in Christ,
As your parish priest at Holy Trinity, I could never have dreamed last October when I was Instituted and Inducted as Rector that only months later we would be going through such difficult and unprecedented times. Many of you have expressed how much more difficult this is with no public access to our place of worship.  We so take modern life and all that goes with it for granted, and when such a crisis comes, we are just not equipped to deal with the outcome.
Even though we cannot worship together at present, I want to assure that my daily prayer continues at The Rectory at 9:00am and 5:00pm. Maggie and I will be offering Holy Mass on Sundays and weekdays in the Rectory for the whole parish, so please send me your prayer requests and intercessions either by email or by phone.
Some of you will be alone, others will be trying to care for each other, and some of you will be trying to keep a family and young children together and safe. My prayers are with you all, and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time of the day or night for support and assistance, Maggie and myself will do whatever we can to support you.
Fr Paul
Lord, help us when we face trials in this life. Help us to call on You, knowing You always hear us. Help us to lean on You instead of leaning on our own understanding. Give us the strength we need, and remind us always that You are aware of what touches us. You see even one sparrow that falls and we are worth more than sparrows. Thank you Lord, for not leaving us comfortless. Thank You for Your great love. We pray this in the name of Jesus, the Lord. Amen.
The Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England have urged everyone to follow the instructions given by the Prime Minister to stay in their homes in a national effort to limit the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

But they called on the Church to “continue to pray, to love, to care for the vulnerable”.

It follows the announcement by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson of sweeping restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the virus.

It means all Church of England churches will close with immediate effect in line with the Government’s instructions. There will also be no Church weddings or baptisms.

Funerals at the graveside or in crematoriums can still take place, but only in line with the Prime minister’s Statement.

In a joint statement the bishops said: “In the light of the Government’s measures, announced by the Prime Minister this evening, we urge everyone to follow the instructions given.

“We will give a fuller statement of advice as soon as possible. Let us continue to pray, to love, to care for the vulnerable, and build our communities, even while separated.”