Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Please note that during the time of the Coronavirus, all public worship is cancelled.

Fr Paul is still offering the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer at The Rectory.  Mass is also being offered but not as a public liturgy.    We are also posting various items of news and spiritual support each week on Facebook page and on our Web site.

Permission has been given to postpone the Annual Parish Meeting until October 31st 2020 at the latest. Perhaps this is a good time to consider whether you could serve your local Church as a member of the PCC?  Elections will take place when we return to normal for Churchwardens and PCC members.

Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday remembers the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem as King. People stood on the side of the road like a parade, praising him and treating him like royalty

Holy Thursday: Holy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper. This is also where Jesus established Communion and He instituted the Eucharist. When the Priest at Mass says, “This is my body,” and “This is my blood,” those are the same words that Jesus spoke at the Last Supper. There is a special Mass on Holy Thursday night, where the Last Supper is especially commemorated. There is also Adoration that night that often goes late into the night, depending on the church.

Good Friday: Good Friday remembers the Passion and Death of Jesus. This can be most clearly and directly seen in the Stations of the Cross. This day is a day of fasting and sacrifice to unite ourselves with Jesus’ suffering.  There are accounts of the Passion in all of the Gospels, but the Gospel of John has a very detailed account. Praying the Stations of the Cross is the best way to unite with Jesus on Good Friday. Also, on this day we Venerate the Cross and receive Holy Communion form the host consecrated at the Mass of the Last Supper the night before.

Easter: Easter is the festival of Resurrection, when Jesus rose from the dead! Easter is a day full of celebration, but it continues into an eighth day Easter octave. This way, we have eight days of feasting and celebrating after 40 days of fasting and sacrifice. Easter is the biggest celebration of the Christian church, because it shows that Jesus is in fact God through the biggest miracle in history.