This week at HTR

The week ahead at Holy Trinity.
Tonight Tuesday March 16th Mass and Lenten Homily at 6:00PM.
Wednesday March 17th Lent Course on Zoom at 7:00PM.
Friday March 19th St Joseph’s Day at Noon. The Way of the Cross with Instrumental music followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
Sunday March 21st Lent 5 (Passion Sunday) Mass at 10:00AM.
You will see that the crosses are now veiled in purple and the tone of the liturgy points us towards Holy Week.
A Personal invitation from Fr Paul..
As part of the homily on Sunday, Fr Paul will be explaining the new arrangement of his working in St Andrew’s Deal and the sharing of priestly ministry on a 50/50 basis due to serious future financial concerns about stipendiary ministry within the Church of England.
If you really care about YOUR CHURCH and its future, can I ask that you make a special effort to be in Church this week to hear about our plans for the future of our Church.
Fr Paul