New and Events for Week beginning August 8th

Welcome today to our Parish Mass at 10:00AM Fr Paul is our Celebrant and preacher today

“I am the bread of life,” Jesus said, not once but twice. “I am the bread of life.” When was the last time you ate the bread of life? I’m not asking about the Mass because I don’t think that is what Jesus is talking about in today’s gospel (John 6:35, 41-51). I’m not denying that the Mass can be and is bread of life but maybe it’s just one slice in a larger loaf of bread. Maybe the bread of life is the eucharist and more than the eucharist. Maybe you and I are to become the bread of life, just like Jesus.

Think about all the people, relationships, and experiences that have fed, nourished, and sustained your life. Think about a time when someone else fed and nourished your life and I mean more than that they fixed your supper. I’m talking about the kind of people that spend their time and their presence with us. They love us. They teach us. The care for us. They encourage us. And our lives are fed and nourished by them. Sometimes it’s not even what they say or do, just being in his or her presence is itself bread. Aren’t there some people that when you spend time with them you just feel well fed and full?

As from Sunday September 5th our Mass times in both Churches will change.

The Parish Mass at Holy Trinity will be at 9:00AM followed by Coffee. We will keep the Mass strictly to one hour which will enable me to spend some quality time with the congregation over Coffee before setting off for St Andrew’s in Deal. St Andrew’s Deal will have their Mass move to 11:00AM.

GOING DEEPER IN YOUR FAITH. Fr Paul is starting the course on Tuesday August 10th at 7:00PM at St Andrew’s Deal, but will offer a lift to anyone wishing to attend from Ramsgate.

Sunday August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The Assumption refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary being assumed — body and soul — into heaven at the end of her earthly life As evidenced by the writings of many early Church fathers, Christians have believed for more than a millennium that the Blessed Virgin was assumed into heaven. Like all beliefs about Mary, they illuminate our most treasured beliefs about her Son. The Assumption illustrates to us the truth about Christ’s promise of eternal life and the resurrection of all the faithful.

Our next Fundraiser will be on October 2nd and it will be a Harvest Fair with Soup & Roll, Ploughman’s Lunches and stalls and a Bottle Stall and a Grand Wine Hamper Raffle.

Sunday October 10th   St Francis Pet Blessing Service. If you have a pet, a beloved animal friend, please come to our special Pet Blessing Service on October 10th at 3:00PM